8oz White Caffeine Powder 226.80gm 100% Pure $75

People in the United States love caffeine and its consumption rate is about 90% of the people. Half the adults in the US have a consumption rate of over 300mg of pure caffeine powder coming from sources such as tea, cola, coffee, chocolate, etc., making it the most consumed drug in the country. Caffeine is mainly consumed for a person to pick up their energy level, to become more alert, and is used to keep a person awake. A side effect of caffeine is that it causes more frequent urination. Pure caffeine is a white crystalline powder and mainly comes from removing it from tea and coffee. Caffeine is found in many plants the most common being tea leaves, cocoa nuts, and coffee beans. Companies also put caffeine in many foods and drinks. People love their morning cup of coffee to wake them up. A lot of over-the-counter pain medicines contain caffeine because it helps to relieve headaches. We also have them in 1oz sizes. All orders are shipped by UPS.

8oz White Caffeine Powder 226.80gm 100% Pure $75
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